The Agency

The Dazey Hills Company is a boutique talent agency offering representation and development to Actors and Production Crew in the UK and beyond. 

We support industry professionals, as well as newcomers - welcoming a diverse range of talent across the board. We believe in inclusivity and accessibility within the entertainment industry, and take pride in developing each of our clients on a personal level.

Since founding in early 2019,  our clients have worked on Feature Films, Shorts, TV, Voice Acting, Corporate, Stills and much more. 

You can browse our current roster of clients here, or you can get in touch

As well as representing Actors, we offer development packages such as headshot sessions and showreel building to help build the best package possible. 

We also represent an award-winning production crew, who often work with the Talent in-house to create content, short films, and much more! Watch some of our work here. 

Our production crew are here to help with your project, from development through to postproduction. Contact us to talk about hiring the perfect crew for your production.

The Agent

Abbie Hills is the primary Talent Agent at The Dazey Hills Company. Gaining Acting and Modelling experience from a young age, Abbie has an ever-growing knowledge of the industry.



Securing her first TV job at the age of 15, along with studying Acting at New York Film Academy in Florence, Abbie is familiar with the acting craft as well as Actors themselves.


In her late teens, she turned her interest to film production where she studied BA Film and made award-winning shorts in the process. Following on from this she studied an MA in Arts Management where her journey as an Agent began.


Utilising the knowledge she had gathered from most of her young life, she founded The Dazey Hills Company.

Abbie is passionate about every one of her clients and is pushing for inclusivity and diversity in the industry, and has successfully secured her client's professional work while building the brand of Dazey Hills.